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A Farewell to Some Droids: Examining Star Wars Removals at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Disney's Hollywood Studios has been a beloved destination for Star Wars fans, offering immersive experiences and thrilling attractions. However, as the Star Wars universe continues to expand, some elements have left the park. Let's explore some (in our opinion) greatly missed Star Wars removals at Disney's Hollywood Studios & beyond.


Captain Phasma Marches On:

Disney's Hollywood Studios once echoed with the rhythmic tread of Captain Phasma and her stormtrooper legion. Leading daily marches down Hollywood Boulevard, the gleaming chrome villain captivated fans. However, the intimidating Captain Phasma's presence eventually faded from the park along with the Star Wars stage show that accompanied the march.

stage show

The departure, which occurred in 2019, coincided with the grand opening of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. The immersive new land demanded a shift in focus, and Phasma's appearances fell victim to this reshuffling. While some fans still mention her absence, it's important to remember that Captain Phasma's legacy isn't entirely extinguished. She can still be found amongst the ranks of the First Order in other immersive experiences.

Darth kylo

Lightsaber Shows Go Dark: A staple for many years, the Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple attraction closed its doors in 2017. This interactive experience allowed younglings to hone their lightsaber skills and face off against Darth Vader or other major villains. While the reasons for its removal remain unclear, some speculate it was due to space limitations and a desire to make way for newer Star Wars experiences.

A Sweet Farewell to the Star Wars Dessert Party:

The Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular Dessert Party is no longer offered at Disney's Hollywood Studios. It used to be a favorite, with yummy treats and a great view of the fireworks. It likely ended around 2020 because of the pandemic. The fireworks show also stopped around that time. But fear not, Star Wars fun is still at Hollywood Studios! You can grab blue or green milk from R2-D2 shaped stands, and enjoy yummy Star Wars snacks like Lightsaber Churros.

run disney

runDisney Star Wars Rival Run Weekend:

This fan favorite event was previously held at Disney World, was a multi-day event celebrating Star Wars through themed races. Participants could choose from various distances, potentially including a half marathon, 10-miler, 5K, and kids' races. Runners enjoyed a Star Wars-themed atmosphere with special entertainment, character encounters, and likely ran through iconic park locations. There isn't a single confirmed reason why Disney discontinued the runDisney event. However, here are some possibilities are just based on restructuring.


A Look to the Future: It's important to note that these removals don't signal a decline in Star Wars presence at Disney's Hollywood Studios. The recent updates to Star Tours: The Adventures Continue demonstrate the park's commitment to keeping the Star Wars experience fresh and exciting. With the ever-expanding Star Wars universe, new attractions and experiences are likely on the horizon.

So, while some familiar elements may be gone, Disney's Hollywood Studios continues to be a destination for Star Wars fans. With the addition of new characters and storylines to Star Tours, the park ensures that the Force remains strong for future generations of visitors.

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